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Technology Overview

In todays fast pace world we thrive on technology - from the new cell phone to 60” flat screen TV’s to iPads & iPods - we love our gadgets. It makes our lives that much easier and exciting!

The dental field is no different. Technology is rapidly growing and things we couldn’t do, or even thought of doing, 10 years ago are now possible and at our fingertips.

Just like you enjoying your technology of the iPhone or iPad, we love our technology as well.

As you can see from the slider menu above (if you haven’t watched the videos check them out:) the Charles Dental Group has the most up to date gadgets from 3D Galileos Imaging to Nitrous Oxide and everything inbetween, we got you covered.

Below is a list of our most advanced technological dental services available. Read over each service, or watch the video :), and see which dental service is right for you & your family.

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Cerec Crowns - Same Day!

Cerec Crowns are all-ceramic crowns that are tooth colored and can be completed in a single dental visit.

  • Cerec Crowns Only Take One Visit!
  • Cerec Means No Temporary Crown Necessary!
  • Cerec Has New 3D Technology!
  • Cerec is Fast, Convenient & Gets You Back to Your Day!
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Galileos 3D Imaging - No Glasses Required!

The Galileos 3D Imaging System is a game changer. Unlike traditional 2d imaging, 3D imaging allows our doctors to to move, flip, rotate the images to see every possible angle of your teeth. With 2d you may only see 2 canals in your tooth, but with Galileos 3D you can discover ALL canals saving you from multiple trips to the dentist, pain, and money!

  • Galileos One Simple 3D Scan - Now That’s Easy!
  • Galileos Means Improved Treatment! No More Guesswork!
  • Galileos Offers Seamless Implant Intregration A+!
  • Galileos is The Highest of Dental Imaging Standards!
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Invisalign Aligners - Go Wireless!

“Go Wireless” doesn’t just apply to phones, laptops & headphones - “Go Wireless” also applies in the dental field, especially when we talk about Invisalign!

Invisalign Aligners have no wires, hence the term “Go Wireless”, brackets or rubber bands. Invisalign braces are clear aligners the fit over your teeth easily and comfortably.

  • Invisalign Aligners are Removable so Brushing & Flossing is a Snap!
  • Invisalign Aligners are clear, vurtually impossible to See!
  • Invisalign Aligners are Simple, Comfortable & Affordable!
  • invisalign Aligners are Available for Adults & Now Teens!
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Nitrous Oxide - It’s Time to Smile!

Have your kids ever been a little nervous or anxious about going to the dentist? Or maybe you have a child who won’t go see the dentist because of fear. Whatever your childs situation is, Nitrous Oxide is your solution.

  • Nitrous Oxide Helps Calm and Relax Your Child. They Might Actually Giggle :)
  • Nitrous Oxide is Safe, Easy to Administer & Kids are Back to Themselves Quickly!
  • Nitrous Oxide Allows Your Child to be Awake, Alert & Responsive!
  • Nitrous Oxide Allows Your Child to get All There Dental Work Done!
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Waterlase Laser MD - The Future is Here!

Lasers aren’t just in movies anymore, they are now in your dental office! Waterlase Laser MD by Biolase has created a technology that allows dentists to use the power of a laser yet make it very simple and safe to the patient. Why do people love laser dentistry?

  • Lasers Avoid the Stress of Drills and Needles!
  • Lasers Reduces Streass and Fear of Going to the Dentist!
  • Lasers are Minimally Invasive!
  • Lasers Allow You to Return to Your Daily Routine Faster after Treatment!
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