“My teeth look fabulous - I love my new crowns. Thanks, Dr. Moser!

I've been so pleased with Dr. Moser's work since I started coming to Charles Dental a few years ago. He's been a great dentist - thoughtful and extremely competent. I always received the best care. And when I finally decided to have the unsightly crowns on my front teeth replaced, I knew Dr. Moser would do a good job. But he did an amazing job, far better than I’d hoped. My teeth look so natural, lovely and white - I love my new smile!

I'd been unhappy with my front crowns for years, which had been done by another dentist at a different office. They were awful – big, yellow and ugly. I hated to look at them. But I was scared to have them replaced, because the experience of getting them had been so distressing. I’d been given the ugliest crowns, in the poorest quality, with the most terrible service imaginable. It really was a nightmare experience. After that whole business, I was definitely gun-shy. It was hard to trust anyone with my front teeth again.

I'm very grateful to have found Dr. Moser and all the staff at Charles Dental – friendly and professional, with excellent service. My trust was earned through time, effort and the highest quality work. And when I was ready to replace those awful front crowns, I knew I couldn't do better than Dr. Moser. But he exceeded all expectations!

It was a completely different experience. From the start Dr. Moser was enthusiastic and interested. He listened to my concerns and hopes for the new crowns, and he was honest about what was possible, what wasn't. He didn't rush anything along. He wanted everything done properly, not just quickly. There were a few bumps along the way, but Dr. Moser kept going - always listening, always patient, always attentive to details - until we were both very happy with the results. He is creative, professional, and a bit of an artist.

My teeth look absolutely wonderful. I highly recommend Dr. Moser and all the staff without any reservations at all. Honestly, it’s simply a relief to be under the care of the staff at Charles Dental. These are definitely the people to see if you’ve had a terrible dental experience elsewhere – they will renew your faith in the profession, and really give you something to smile about.

Lisa S.

“I came to Dr. Moser with a complicated dental history. About ten years prior, I had a tumor removed from my lower jaw which damaged some of my lower front teeth. After 10 years and two pregnancies, my lower right incisor was slowly dying and had become abscessed.

At the time, I was six months pregnant and I was not ready to lose my tooth!

Dr. Moser thoroughly explained my options and allowed me to make the final decision about how we should proceed. While I’m sure it would have been easier for Dr. Moser to pull the tooth, he honored my decision to proceed with a difficult root canal (the abscess had perforated the tooth). Dr. Moser performed a meticulous root canal which didn’t require a crown and he extended the life of the tooth for a couple of years.

When the time came to extract the tooth, we discussed each of my options, so I could make an informed decision about the optimal treatment plan. Given these options to weigh, I felt that the best long term solution was to get a dental implant. While Dr. Moser could have taken the tooth out, he opted to refer me to an oral surgeon as the tooth had become fused to the bone and I needed to have a veneer block graft performed to prepare the site for an implant.

After all the grafting was complete and the implant was placed, I returned to Dr. Moser for the final piece of the puzzle – the crown. Since there was so much tissue damage in the area from previous surgeries, a custom crown had to be made in order to fit the implant. Again, Dr. Moser explained my options in great detail so I could make educated decisions about how the crown should be made. I was impressed at how closely he worked with the lab while the crown was being made to make sure that the crown was “just right”. Dr. Moser has such a great attention to detail that he even sent me back to the lab after the crown was placed to have highlights added to it so that it would match my own teeth more closely. Now when I smile, I can’t even tell that the crown isn’t one of my real teeth!

In a nutshell, I can tell that Dr. Moser truly cares about my overall dental health. He took the time to get to know my complicated dental history and to thoroughly explain my treatment options. He stays up to date with all the cutting edge dental technology and is very detail oriented about his work. I am so grateful that I chose Dr. Moser to be my dentist – I owe my beautiful smile to his handiwork!

Take Care -


“I love my new smile! I have not always been able to say that, in fact for most of my life it has been the complete opposite. Having been through cosmetic dentistry before and not being pleased with the results, I was very concerned about going through the process again. Turns out I had nothing to be concerned about! Dr. Blair Moser and his staff were wonderful to work with. They put my fears to rest and made me feel so comfortable during the whole process. Every step of the way Dr. Moser and his staff helped me any way they could. The finished product is better than I ever imagined it could be and it is because Dr. Moser and his staff truly care about the work they are doing and try their very best to get every detail perfect. I am so pleased with my new smile and I owe it all to Dr. Moser and the Charles Dental Group.”

Here are my before and after pictures:

Janalee S.
Sacramento California
Patient of the Charles Dental Group